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A Professor’s successful journey from academia to business in the challenging field of environmental engineering. As first generation entrepreneur he shares his fulfilling experience to bring to the drawing board the principles he once taught on the blackboards at the Indian Institute of Technology

On my first day as professor of environmental engineering at IIT, I enquired as to how many students there were in the class. Thirty came the reply. Include me and make that figure thirty-one students, I said. That was in 1983.

I started Naik Enviro in 1989. A hundred projects later, I still remain a keen student of environmental engineers and management. Passion and enthusiasm can be quite infectious and I`m glad, my team of engineers at NAIK ENVIRO share with me this special bond.

Today, NAIK ENVIRO has carved a niche for itself as an end-to end Solution provider in industrial environment management, water supply and treatment, effluent collection and treatment systems. We are techno-savvy, quality conscious and cost effective. And yes, our quick turnaround from concept to commissioning is really the cherry on the icing.

We have a state-of- the-art laboratory and a well equipped workshop. Here, best of breed professionals from various disciplines are constantly exploring, experimenting and expanding their knowledge horizon.

Naik Enviro has indigenously designed and developed, installed and commissioned `one-of-kind` package wastewater treatment systems that radically reduce treatment costs, power inputs and space requirements. We are now creating a franchise network to market these path breaking designs internationally.

Another area where Naik Enviro is channelizing its energies is offering specialized Environment Training programs to companies in India and other developing nations. The Professor inside me, bottled up for so long, is getting an audience again!
Finally, health-n- hygiene, pollution control and environmental safety are issues which call for a greater sense of eco-consciousness from each one of us. Our work will be judged by the kind of world and quality of life we leave behind for future generations to come.
This, to me, is the heart-n-science of environmental engineering.

Dr. Shirish S. Naik
(Managing Director)
Naik Environmental Engineers Pvt Ltd.,