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NAIK ENVIRO was founded in 1989 with a specific objective of developing highly compact and energy efficient wastewater treatment plants for treating and recycling sewage and biodegradable industrial wastewaters. Dr. Shirish S. Naik, who is the founder-director of NAIK ENVIRO, was a faculty of Environmental Engineering at the highly esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Mumbai, India in the 1980s. Having spent almost a decade in lecturing, research, and consultancy, he developed a novel system for the treatment of wastewater which he later marketed and manufactured as the ECOBIOPACK – a highly efficient, ultra compact and energy efficient wastewater treatment plant.

The ECOBIOPACK revolutionized the very concept of wastewater treatment and in recognition of the originality and innovativeness of the design, was awarded a patent for the ECOBIOPACK with effect from 2005. There are more than 200 plants based on the ECOBIOPACK all over India and abroad as well.

The ECOBIOPACK has a distinct cutting edge owing to the following features:

The ECOBIOPACK is clearly the best technology in vogue and more often than not, works out far more economical from capital cost considerations alone with massive benefits from space savings accruing to the developer. Needless to state that operating costs are lower by a factor of 2-3 vis a vis competing systems owing to substantially lower power inputs and automatic operation. The ECOBIOPACK now has an added unique feature – e – connectivity that enables visual observation of the plant from remote locations. The company’s website at may be browsed for further details about NAIK ENVIRO.

Having successfully designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned the ECOBIOPACK for over two decades with a highly successful track record, NAIK ENVIRO now plans to launch the product worldwide to exploit its true potential. The basic idea of is to expand the marketing network globally by appointing business development associates with distinct geographical domains.

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