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Naik Environmental Engineers Pvt. Ltd. under the banner NAIK ENVIRO, was founded by Dr. Shirish S. Naik with a keen desire to give concrete shape to his vision of bringing about a complete metamorphosis of fundamental concept of the Waste Water Treatment Plant. A waste water treatment plant is always viewed as a facility to be concealed in a remote corner and tucked away out of sight from the areas of development and habitation. Sprawling space requirements, intensive electricity input, sound and odour generation are by default the undesirable (and unfortunately considered inevitable) features of commonly used waste water treatment technologies. Over a time span of nearly two decades, NAIK ENVIRO has succeeded in radically changing the very appearance, ergonomics, function and the operation of the waste water treatment plants into a very elegant, soundless, odourless, energy efficient system with a very simple user interface. The product was called ECOBIOPACK, ECO because it is eco-friendly, BIO– for biological treatment being the core of the system and PACK signifying its Package concept.

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  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Resource Conversion, Waste Minimization
  • Water Conservation and Recycle
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems
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